ASUS/Belkin connectivity problem

Hi all,

I'm steadily going barmy here and wonder if anyone can offer any thoughts?

I am using a PC with an ASUS WL138GE wireless adapter card. PC runs Windows XP, SP2. The situation is this:

1) The PC with ASUS card talks fine to a Netgear wireless router with WEP encryption set up - no problem there.

2) A laptop with an Atheros adapter built in and running XP SP2 talks to a Belkin wireless router with WEP set up fine - no problem there.

3) The PC/ASUS combination simply refuses to talk to the Belkin router. It connects to the router OK but will NOT acquire an IP address via DHCP. If I manually set up a static IP on the ASUS card and enter the Belkin router address ( as the default gateway it still refuses to talk - a ping to gives 100% packet loss. Windows reports the usual "limited connectivity" etc.

I'm completely stuck here. The ASUS card is clearly OK, since it talks quite happily to the Netgear router. Similarly, the Belkin router seems OK, since the laptop talks to it quite happily.

Is there a known bug in either the Belkin routers or the ASUS cards or the combination of both? Or am I missing something else?

Any help would be very gratefully received!

Many thanks,

Tim Kearsley

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If you have your Atheros card with its super-g mode enabled, disable super-g and just use g or bg with the Belkin router.

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