problem trying to get WEP to work

hi all
I have a linksys wireless -G adapter card that I am using with Blittz
NetWare base G4 wireless AP with 4 port router which I am using for my
laptop. I also have 3 desktop pc that I use with linksys wired router. I
have hooked wireless router to uplink port for my wired router. I am able
to get on to the web from my laptop when I am not using the WEP. When I turn
on the WEP and try to log on the net it asks me for the Passphrase and the
Key generate thing. I can put in the pasphrase fine but when I try to put in
the Key it will not let me do lowercase letters. It will only let me type in
uppercase and it doesn't recognize the key. also the blank area to type in
the keys are out of place. any help trying to figure how to fix it would be
greatly appreciated .
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veris and amee young
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