Trying to work with a CM11A under Linux

Hi folks...

Well the idea of computer control of my appliances has finally gotten to me and I bought a CM11A.

I am trying to write "x10d" for my linux machine (it will provide remote access to the appliances) and my CM11A is responding with 0xa5, meaning it would like me to download 42 bytes of macro definitions. I am not using macro's so I sent it 42 0x00 but that won't stop the complaining. According to the protocol doc, it will not work until I get it to stop asking for the macro.

Does anyone here have a suggestion to resolve this problem.



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Anthony Toft
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Dave Houston

If it's like the cm15a, 0xa5 is asking for a time set, homeauto at usandthem dot com (the cm15a link) and there's info on the response to the

0xa5 - also linked there is neil Cherry's site...

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AZ Woody

This is exactly what the problem is, now I have to make my appliance module respond to the On and Off commands, the lamp module is workin glike a champ.

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Anthony Toft

The documentation isn't very well organized. It's a lot easier to understand _after_ you get things working. ;)

Neil Cherry's Linux HA site has pointers to other sites with Linux code.

If you can read VB code, I have VB4 source available at

formatting link

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