can get WEP to work but cannot get WPA to work

I have a router/modem , and a wireless access point. and am connecting with a laptop and wireless usb adaptor.

I can connect with WEP all fine. But with WPA it says connected but I have no internet access and cannot access the router interface.

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It's not accepting the pass phrase. It would be helpful if you supplied the maker and model number of the wireless router, laptop, and USB adapter. There are a few combinations or router and client that do not work due to bugs. These are usually solved with firmware and driver updates. Some of these bugs involve the length and characteristic of the pass phrase. Choosing a different pass phrase had miraculously fixed a few of these.

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Jeff Liebermann

ok, it's solved now.. but was a long day and i know tihs post is a bit messy.

I tried stuff.. like I read of this instruction "Assuming that you don't have a separate authentication server (RADIUS), uncheck the box to use 802.1x authentication on the "Authentication" tab of the Properties dialog for your wireless network." I also read that a wrong date in the router or wireless access point, could do it..i've seen website behave like that! but the date was fine there.

But that area was greyed out so I couldn't change it, but it was unchecked anyway.

I also tried uninstalling something called aegis 802.11 or something.. maybe installed by 3rd party thing.. I don't think that was what fixed it.. but didn't hurt.

The solution was to download Microsoft wireless client update for SP2. That fixed up that machine.. it may have fixed it to just remove that certificate message, but still not work.. I tried disabling and enabling, and repairing the connection.. not 100% success rate if anything at all. I think then I tried from the wireless networks tab, clicking the network under preferred networks and properties, and seeing WPA,WPA-PSK,WPA2,WPA2-PSK I tried each of those until one that was it.

I guess the main thing, to get rid of the certificate message, which I see I didn't mention in the original post for some reason.. I think I had different issues with 2 different computers but both are resolved now.

Wireless Client Update for Windows XP with Service Pack 2

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that might've also added more options for ways to connect but I do'nt know if that was what solved it. But the wireless client update got rid of the certificate message. and seemed to solve it.

I no longer remember whether WPA Was ever connecting and what was going on with that.. I have another sp2 machine not updated so I may be able to look on that to see old symptoms.

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