Outlook Express not recognising wireless connection

I have a Dell Inspiron 8000 laptop running Windows 2000 with Internet Explorer and Outlook Express. I have used BT Openworld with the SpeedTouch USB ADSL PPP 'frog' successfully for some years.

I recently bought Netgear bits and tried to configure for a wireless connection. I run Windows2000 with Internet Explorer.

I followed the Wizard instructions, entering correct IP address etc. and it seemed OK and I can achieve IE wireless internet access.

However, even with my wireless IE connection configured and working, Outlook Express continues to try connecting via my previous BT/Yahoo default connection even when everything has been disconnected.

What additional steps do I need to go through to make Outlook Express recognise and utilise my wireless connection as well.

You will probably gather that I am an elementary user so clear 'idiot proof' guidance would be much appreciated.


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Peter Catlin
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With Outlook Express open, go to "Tools", "Accounts" on the dropdown menu. Highlight the account in the popup window a,d select "Properties" on the side panel. Select "Connections" in the tab. The checkbox "Always connect to this account using:" should not be checked so that Outlook Express will use the same connection as Internet Explorer. Probably you will find that it is checked so that it will only use whatever the previous connection was that is shown beside the check box. Click "Ok" on all the boxes to return with the new settings. Close down Outlook Express and then restart Outlook Express and it should connect with the same settings as IE.


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