Compaq Wireless Connection (Not)

I am using Compaq Presario R4000 and when it swtarts up, for some reason it doesn't detect my wireless (Linksys) acess point anymore.

I have to manually right click the connection icon, then click on "View Wireless Network", then click on "Advanced Settings", then check box the "Let Windows detect my connection automatically".

I was under the impression that if I checked this box, it would stay checked, which would enable my wireless connection to get connected everytime I start my laptop. But, to no avail.

What have I done wrong here? It is a pain to fool around every single time I start my laptop to go thru this procedure.

Any help would be appreciated.


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In my WinXP home I don't have "Let Windows detect my connection automatically". Do you mean "Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings"? But whatever.... In your list of preferred networks is your Linksys network listed at the top? And does the word "(Automatic) follow the name of your preferred network. I've seen the "(Automatic)" change to "(manual)" for some unknown reason and the only way I could get it back to "automatic" was to "Remove" that preferred network and then click "Add" and put it back into the list. It then defaulted to "(Automatic)". Also... it should not read "(On Demand)" If it does highlight it choose properties / Connection and check "Connect when this network is in range".

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Thank you kindly for your help!

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