Recognising each other on LAN.

I have a windows 98 SE desktop computer, and a windows XP SP 2 Pentium 4 Laptop computer,using a BT Voyager router.

Using TCP/IP protocol.

My problem is my laptop can see my desktop computer and share files.But not the other way round.Desktop cannot see Laptop.Even using find computer.The names are both correct.Could someone tell me a detailed description to set up these 2 computers or know of a site that would help.Please detailed.

Also how can i print a webpage on my laptop,when my printer is on my desktop in a LAN. Thanks in advance Kevin

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So that's what you're using on both machines along with Client for MS Networks and File and Print Sharing for MS Networks and nothing else is on the NIC(s)?

Well, you should be able to select the printer on the other machine as a network printer so that the laptop can print to it.

Maybe, the link will help you.

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Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

You won't "see" your 98 computer on the LAN by browsing network neighborhood until you are sharing something. Does your w98 computer show up in network neighborhood from the windows 98 machine itself? That would be your first clue. If it doesn't, you haven't set up a share on it yet. When you setup 98 shares be sure to password protect each and every one of them, including printers. Windows 98 can be a bit wierd. If you have everything set right with TCPIP, some times to get the to get the master browser going, go to another workstation that your w98 computer network neighborhood can "see" on the network, and from the [Start] choose [Run] and run the command \\Win98computername where Win98computername is the name you gave the w98 computer in the network setup (use short easy to remember computer names). If you setup a static IP address (IE on the w98 computer, you can also run \\ and see if the computer shares come up.

Be sure and at least password protect every user name every computer on your wireless LAN, or you can get hacked either by a wireless sleuth (easy) or by some one from the internet(harder, but quite possible). If you want to have a user logged on automatically, instead of not requiring a password for each and every user and deleting or making inactive all guest accounts, Just go to Microsoft download and get Tweakui. It will allow you to setup autologons for every windows computer from w95 to WinXP.

Open up printer properties for the printer you want to share, and click on the sharing tab, enabling sharing.

Be sure to require passwords for -all- users to log on and get rid of guest accounts.

With XP home be sure not to share as hard drives as is done with older windows and XP professional versions, as XP home can only open a classic hard drive share for access to everyone, which makes XP home a piece of garbage for hard drive file sharing. Either get XP professional, which uses secure hard drive sharing, or do the sharing by using the shared folders setup -exactly- as Bill Gates and XP home file sharing wizards tell you to.

It's really not difficult to set up a LAN/wireless network, a trained monkey can do it, but when home users get into the wireless realm, they -really- need to realize that -everything-, including the wireless setup and any shares -must- be setup with secured password protection. Don't let your neighbors pimple faced jr. high kid show you why you need to secure and password protect -everything- on a wireless LAN, even though it's much quicker and hassle free just to leave the damned thing wide open as most home and many business users seem content to do.

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