network works fine, then drops out of view

hi all,

i wonder if anyone might be able to shed some light on this problem. i've just set up a small home wireless network based around a d-link di-624 switch/wireless hub, which was working fine (with my mac mini) until i started using a toshiba PC laptop (with an Atheros card), which works ok for a while, then the d-link box freezes (to the point where i can't even ping it from the mac directly attached via cable). after that, when the d-link box is rebooted, the network just doesn't appear in the list of available networks on the laptop (although my mac merrily continues to work fine on the same network). rebooting the laptop doesn't work either (still no mention in the list of possible networks, even though the d-link box is only 2 metres away).

i thought it might have been an interaction with the apple wireless card, but the problem happens even with that turned off. i've currently got things going by setting the d-link box to "802.11g Only Mode" which

-might- have made a difference, but it's only been an hour or so now.

anyone have an idea of what might be going on here? i'd really prefer not to disable access for 802.11b devices, as i've got an old laptop with an 802.11b card which i'd like to be able to use.

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