Peformance Problems w/D-Link Router and Card

Hi. New here, complete novice to WiFi. Running three desktops and a laptop off a D-Link router. Encountering problems with one of the desktops (The E-Machines, gofigure:mad:) In any case, the problem is that the soundcard, video, and mouse performance are all significantly impeded when I'm on the network (lots of skipping, mouse pointer freezes). When I disconect, everything is fine. Could it be I put the card in the wrong PCI slot (there's two: one was open, the other has an inboard phone modem attached to it)? Thanks in advance.

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On Mon, 11 Jun 2007 19:25:23 -0400, mikper7 wrote in :

That's possible. Or the slot might be flaky. Wouldn't hurt to try moving your PCI cards. Or the driver might be flaky.

In the future, avoid PCI adapters -- better to use an Ethernet client bridge, or a USB adapter.

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