Netgear WG111T USB adapter network problems

Thanks in advance

My client has a PC and Notebook (bothWinXp SP2) conneted AD-Hoc via 2xUSB WG111T WiFi adapters.

The adapters are installed and functional. The PC can ping itself and the Notebook but in View Workgroup only the PC itself shows up. The Notebook cannot ping the PC and in View Workgroup only the Notebook itself shows up. Both computers have the same user a/c and pwd.

Sometimes both PC and Notebook both show up on the Notebooks View Workgroup but when I try to access shared files I receive the following error: "... is not accessible. you might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the network administrator ... the network path was not found"

I have performed the following checklist

Is the Wireless network installed and running? YES all green lights

Is the signal strength good on both machines? YES

Do both m/c have same user name & pwd? YES

Are both machines using the same subnet? Ie. YES

Set workgroup as "WORKGROUP" YES

For Pier to Pier wireless must be set to Ad-Hoc YES both

Firewall on both machines setup for trusted IP's YES

Both machines see themselves in View Workgroup Computers YES

PC with firewall off can ping itself and the Notebook YES

Notebook with firewall off cannot ping itself and the PC

Both machines are set to NETBIOS over TCP/IP

Under user rights assignment add "everyone" to "access this computer from the network" YES



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OK Uninstalled and Reinstalled USB wireless and disabled firewalls - ok for file & print sharing

BUT Internet connection sharing wizard does not the internet connection share!

Posting a new message to seek help on this

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