NetGear Wg311- No connection

I'm currently running 2 computers wirelessly ad-hoc across 2 NetGear Wireless NIC's though I am unable to establish a connection. Both Computers have the same settings: SSID, Encryption (which is set to none) and have specified IP addresses, both computers have different names, there is nothing to interfere with the network. I have disabled the firewalls on both sides and have even put in exceptions just in case. BTW both are running Win XP SP2.

Any help would be greatful as I'm about to tear my hair out!


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I'll assume you cruised the web with google looking for instructions on setting up ad-hoc XP networks.

First, turn off encryption for now. It's an added complication that's not necessary at this time.

The key to networking is the IP address. You have three choices:

  1. Setup a DHCP server on the ad-hoc network. This is not easy.
  2. All the computers to default to addresses. This will work but may take some extra time to boot as XP searches for a DHCP server to assign the IP addresses.
  3. Assign static IP addresses to each computah. Leave the gateway and DNS servers blank.

I like #3 but there are some complications if the server is portable.

To test what your machines are doing, open an MSDOS window with: start -> run -> cmd ipconfig

Whatever scheme you're using, try pinging the other computah before playing with opening shares and such. Use ipconfig to determine the IP address of each computah and try to ping it from the other machine. When that works, then tinker with the firewall, sharing, and names. Incidentally, don't forget to put both machines in the same workgroup. Right click on "My Computah" -> Properties -> Network Name

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