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Hi, I am a newbie in the area of wireless networking. I have installed a wifi connection for two laptops and it works well. Both PC can access to the internet without problem. Recently, I wanted to create an ad hoc network between my two PC and I had the greatest difficulties to make it work. But there is still a problem, if I decide to "link" my two PC, I lost the internet connection for both of them. I Have a D-Link Router directly connected to my cable modem and my TCP/IP default parameters are set on an IP provided automatically. To make my ad hoc network and file sharing to work, I have to set an IP for the two computers but this leads to a loss of internet connection without mentioned that the process is annoying. Is there a simplier way to set together an infrastructure and an ad hoc network ?

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No need to do what you're trying to do, if they both have access to the internet via an access point or wireless router then they can already communicate with each other.

You just need to create shares as appropriate, make sure that the firewalls on each machine are set to allow connections from the other machine.


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