Help configuring two usb-wireless adapters.



I made a wireless ad-hoc network between two PCs, one pc with one wireless adapter and the other one with two wireless adapters.

PC 1:

-Windows 7 Ultimate

-Usb-wireless adapter (AWLL6075) -Adapter: IP: Subnet mask:

PC 2:

-Windows 7 Professional

-Two usb-wireless adapter (AWLL6075) -Adapter 1 IP: Subnet mask: -Adapter 2 IP: Subnet mask:

The problem is that just the adapter 1 on the pc2 works. i can send files without problems. but at the moment i try to send files to the adapter 2 i can't do it. i think this is for the priority in the adapters and bindings.

so, how can i give the same priority to both adapters on PC2?

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Can you ping PC1 from PC2? I suggest you use a different subnet on the adhoc network for a little more certainty over which interface PC2 is going to use. Perhaps you can use the 'arp' command to specify which interface a host is on? Don't have a Windows machine handy to test with.

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I made a app using, it works fine with one adapter on each pc, the ping result of PC1 adapter and PC2 adapter 1 its ok, and the ping between PC1 adapter and PC2 adapter its ok, too. but i just can send files from PC1 adapter to PC2 adapter 1. when i try to send files form PC1 adapter to PC2 adapter 2 VB shows an error message 'Error retriving port from server' but i think is because the priority of the adapters in PC2. SO i want to give the same priority for both adapters.

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