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Hi all,

Have setup a wifi network, using linksys kit (router, card and gaming adapter) at home for my Xbox, laptop and desktop, the laptop and desktop can access the internet without any problems and the Xbox can connect to Xbox live. The setup as you can guess is this; Desktop has a wired connection into the router ehile the Xbox and Laptop use wifi "g" to connect.

Anyway my problem is this (and has been for sometime); basically I am having trouble getting the laptop and desktop to be seen on the network as I want to share files between the two. have tried going through all the network setup wizard on XP but to no avail. Both the desktop and laptop have been given names and are in my workgroup, which I *think* I have setup correctly.

I would be most greatful if anyone could help me out here - as it's starting to try my paitence!!


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8> Anyway my problem is this (and has been for sometime); basically I am having

The network wizard enables ICF by default and this will block file and printer sharing.See

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Actually, ISTR that it asks you if you want to enable it. At least, it did when I configured the three machines I have running XP.

This isn't the simplest way to do this, and it mentions menu choices that don't always exist.

Its easier to do it from the Windows Firewall icon in Control Panel. Where you can simply tick the box labelled "File and Printer Sharing" on the exceptions tab. Its even preconfigured with the right scope (local net only).

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Mark McIntyre

After you run netsetup.exe on both computers giving them the same workgroup name, right click on the main drive and select sharing and secutiry seting up the network. Don.'t forget to click on firewall and turn of windows firewall.

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Rodney Kelp

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