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Hello, I have a Netgear Prosafe VPN Firewall FBG318. I have configured a VPN, hoping that I would be able to connect to my network when I was traveling. Is it true that I have to purchase a VPN client license from Netgear to make this work. I was hoping to just use the XP VPN client. Thanks!

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No such beast on the Netgear web pile. Are you sure it's not an FVS318? |

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hardware version? v1, v2, or v3 ????

Yes, XP should work. Are you using PPTP or IPSec? The FVS318 supports both. (It also does L2TP but I don't wanna go there).

If PPTP, it will work with just the simple VPN setup and the type of VPN set to automagic. See: |

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With IPSec it's a complex mess. Start with the typical VPN instructions such as: |

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enter the IPSec specific settings are under: Right click on the VPN icon after you create it. Properties -> Security -> IPSec Settings

Some clues on setting up the FVS318 end for IPSec. See: |

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Monitor the log output in the FVS318 for error messages and clues.

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