NetGear FVS124G

I would welcome any and all opinions of this device for use as a home based router. Generalities of course, but specifically things such as the capability to block outgoing traffic. I've looked over the manual, but I'm not clear on exactly how far its capabilities extend

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NetGear FVS124G

Manageable DUAL WAN VPN Firewall with Gigabit LAN Ports Extend enterprise class protection, performance, and reliability to remote office workers. The ProSafe Gigabit VPN Firewall FVS124G provides provides powerful yet economical security for businesses coping with the increasing performance demands and complexities of intra-LAN network protection. Dual 10/100 WAN ports let you connect a second link to your ISP or headquarters office, providing failover protection. A Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewall, 3DES and 256-bit AES encryption, IPSec support, and up to 25 IPSec VPN tunnels assures safe network computing.

Featuring two 10/100 Mbps WAN ports and four Gigabit LAN ports, advanced networking features like QoS and dynamic routing, the ProSafe Dual WAN Gigabit Firewall Router is ideal for your growing network. Management capabilities through SNMP or web browser minimize on-site support requirements. NETGEAR?s timesaving VPN Wizard and SmartWizard? simplify setup and VPN administration. Big company features at small company prices?that?s NETGEAR value!

High Reliability Gigabit power for mission critical networks requiring high bandwidth availability. Dual WAN ports for maximum Internet connectivity. You can use both ports at the same time, and let the router balance your office?s requirements between them for maximum bandwidth efficiency.

Fast Performance Get high-speed performance. Four auto-sensing 10/100/1000 Mbps LAN ports offer gigabit connectivity, creating high-speed links for servers and workstations?or, use it as a backbone for high-speed switches. Hardware-based encryption offloads the router CPU, accelerating your VPN connections.

Strong Security The powerful SPI firewall protects your network against unauthorized users, and most common Internet attacks, such as Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. Virtual Private Network Consortium (VPNC) tested and certified VPN supports secure data connectivity and transmission over the Internet and ensures interoperability with many other popular security products. Address, service, protocol, URL keyword filtering, and port/service blocking offer additional protection. E-mail updates and alerts notify you of all activity and hacker attempts. Single user ProSafe VPN Client software included VPN01L. Additional licenses available for purchase.

Easy to Use Smart Wizard speeds and simplifies installation. VPN Wizard creates a single set of policies allowing up to 253 remote PCs or remote sites to connect from locations in which their IP addresses are unknown in advance. The ProSafe Dual WAN Gigabit Firewall Router can be remotely monitored and administered using most popular SNMP-based management software packages, such as the NETGEAR ProSafe Network Management Software (NMS100). Support for DHCP (client and server) as well as PPPoE allows for easy, widespread deployment. NETGEAR?s tested and proven technology is backed by a 3-year warranty.

Technical Specifications Physical Interfaces: · LAN ports: Four (4) 10/100/1000 Mbps auto-sensing, AutoUplink? RJ-45 ports · WAN port: Two (2) 10/100Mbps Ethernet RJ-45 ports with auto fail-over and load balancing

Security Features: · SPI Firewall: Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) to prevent notorious Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, Intrusion Detection System (IDS) including logging, reporting and e-mail alerts, address, service and protocol, Web URL keyword filtering, prevent replay attack (reassembly attack), port/service blocking. Advanced features include blockJava/URL/ActiveX based on extension, FTP/ SMTP/RPC program filtering · VPN Functionality: Twenty-five (25) dedicated VPN tunnels, Manual key and Internet Key Exchange Security Association (IKE SA) assignment with pre-shared key and RSA/DSA signatures, key life and IKE lifetime time settings, perfect forward secrecy (Diffie-Hellman groups 1 and 2 and Oakley support), operating modes (Main, Aggressive, Quick), fully qualified domain name (FQDN) support for dynamic IP address VPN connections. · IPSec Support: IPSec-based 56-bit (DES), 168-bit (3DES), or 256-bit (AES) encryption algorithm, MD5 or SHA-1 hashing algorithm, AH/AH-ESP support, PKI features with X.509 v.3 certificate support, remote access VPN (client-to-site), site-to-site VPN, IPSec NAT traversal (VPN pass-through) · Mode of Operation: One-to-one/many-to-one Multi-Network Address Translation (NAT), classical routing, unrestricted users per port · IP Address Assignment: Static IP address assignment, internal DHCP server on LAN, DHCP client on WAN, PPPoE client support

Performance Features: · Throughput: Up to 11.5 Mbps WAN-to-LAN, up to 2.1 Mbps for 3DES throughput

Management Features: · Administration Interface: SNMP support, Telnet, web graphic user interface, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) remote management, user name and password protected; secure remote management support authenticated through IP address or IP address range and password; configuration changes/upgrades through web GUI. · Configuration and Upgrades: Upload and down load configuration settings, firmware upgradeable flash memory · Logging: SYSLOG, e-mail alerts

Functions: · VPN Wizard to simplify configuration of the VPN, Smart Wizard to automatically detect ISP Address type (static, dynamic, PPPoE), Port Range Forwarding, Port Triggering, Exposed Host (DMZ), Enable/Disable WAN Ping, DNS Proxy, MAC Address cloning/spoofing, Network Time Protocol NTP support, Keyword Content Filtering, email Alerts, DHCP Server (Info and display table), PPPoE login client support, WAN DHCP Client, Diagnostic tools (ping, trace route, other), Port/service/MAC address blocking, Auto- Uplink on switch ports and Quality of Service (QoS)

Protocol Support: · Network: IP routing, TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP, PPPoE · IP Addressing: DHCP (client and server) · Routing: RIP v1, RIPv2 (Static Routing, Dynamic Routing) · VPN/Security: IPSec (ESP, AH), MD5, SHA-1, DES, 3DES, IKE, PKI, AES

User Support: · LAN: Up to 253 users

Maintenance: · Save/Restore Configuration, Restore Defaults, Upgrades via Web Browser, Display Statistics, Logging, SYSLOG support.

Hardware Specifications: · Processor: 200 MHz 32-bit RISC · Memory: 4MB Flash, 16MB DRAM · Power requirements: 12V DC, 1.2A ? plug is localized to country of sale · Dimensions: 7.45 x 4.85 x 1.26 in. (18.92 x 12.31 x 3.19cm) · Weight: 1.37 lbs. (0.62 kg)

Environmental Specifications: · Operating temperature: 0 - 40ºC (32 to 104ºF) · Operating humidity: 90% maximum relative humidity, non-condensing

Warranty: · NETGEAR 3-year warranty

Package Contents: · FVS124G ProSafe VPN Firewall 25 · Ethernet cable · Installation guide · Resource CD with single user ProSafe VPN Client Software license and

60 trial version of Trend Micro C/S and C/S/M SMB suite software · Warranty/Support Information card

System Requirements: · Cable, DSL or wireless broadband modem and Internet service · Ethernet connectivity from broadband modem · Network card for each connected PC · Network software (e.g. Windows) · Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher or Netscape Navigator 4.7 or higher Download the TrendMicro 60-day trial software. TrendMico security presentation

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  • > I would welcome any and all opinions of this device for use as a home based
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