VPN Client IP problems

I hope someone can help me.


I use Netgear Prosafe VPN Client, and several D-Link VPN routers at different locations. Setting up the tunnels so they work is no problem, and I can connect from where ever I am located to all Routers.

But I have problems when I am located inside a local network that use the same subnet as I have inside the remote subnet.

Example: Office with VPN Router 192.168.1.x / - Locale subnet of Hotel 192.168.1.x /

When both remote loacle net and locale net use the same IP range I can connect to the VPN tunnel, but I can't reach the computers inside the remote net.

Using e.g. D-Link DS-601 VPN Client this works just fine as I can set the locale subnet to what ever I want in the VPN Client, but with Netgear Prosafe VPN Client I can't figure out how to get past this problem.

Anyone have the solution to this?

Desperatly in need of good advice :-)

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Renumber your office to use a less common subnet. Avoid 192.168.0.x and 192.168.1.x. Try for something less common like something in 10.x.x.x

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Just foud the answer my selfe, helps giving up and asking for help :-)


- Go to "Option" Menue - Global Policy Setting

- Make sure "Allow to specify internal network address" is hocked of

- Select to use Virtual Adapter

- Now you can enter the required network address you want to use

This should work just fine.


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for site2site, renumbering is mandatory. 10.x.x.x imho is also not a good idea. i personally prefer something like 172.21.x.x. but you're right for 192.168.1/0.x

regards \\cd

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