Netgear Prosafe VPN Client vs Comtrend 536+ router

Hi there,

I am setting up a VPN with a Netgear Prosafe VPN Client and a Comtrend 536+ router (ISP Jazztel ADSL 2+ in Spain).

Everything seems to be correct in the setup, and the VPN actually seems to connect, but the router crashes inmediately and I have to reset it (I lose connection on all pc's in my LAN).

I am convinced that the problem is the router, because actually I had the same problem with my former VPN client (don't remember which right now) when I changed ISP and router - however, I thought it was a problem with my laptop and/or the new router vs the old vpn-client, so I formatted the pc and installed the new client.

But alas, same problem. I have read that the Comtrend 536+ is problematic - should I just change? and which do you recommend?

Thanks in advance

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