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Hello all, I apoligize if multiple posts show up. I've waited 24 hours and my original 2 have not shown up.....anyway..............

I have a Netgear Prosafe wireless vpn firewall fvg318. I would like to set up a vpn so I can connect to my home network with a laptop that I take on the road. Do I have to use the Netgear VPN client package ($60 a license)? I was hoping to just use the XP vpn client setup, but I can't get it to work.


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Japhy schrieb:

You need the Netgear Client (or any other IPSec client).


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Mirko Kulpa

Is the Netgear VPN Client decent? Any comments?

"Single user ProSafe VPN Client software included VPN01L."

Does that mean I can only install a single copy? Or I can only have a single VPN session connected?

Thanks, Scott

Mirko Kulpa wrote: >

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Scott Moseman

Netgear tells me I would only get 1 client installation. I can understand 1 client *connection* limit, but having a single client installation limit seems really limiting.

At least this is true for the product I checked (FVS124G). I guess I cannot vouch for any of their other VPN devices.

Thanks, Scott

Scott Moseman wrote: >

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