Netgear prosafe VPN client or free VPN client to netgear prosafe FVS318

Hi All!

Does anyone have experience (good or bad) with the Netgear prosafe VPN client? Any experience with other (XP built in or other) VPN clients connect to the NG FVS318

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Kent Kirkegaard
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Yes I have lots of experience in trying to get it to work from home with a Netgear 318 vpn router at office. Spent numerous emails with netgear support (they do always answer within 12hrs) but could never get it to see the shared folders. It would connect (which is worthless in itself). Finally gave up on it.

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I've had luck using the prosafe client with a prosafe FVG318, but the hardware sucks. I've had problems rebooting and losing settings. I've killed one box trying to upgrade firmware.

But my wife connects to her office PC via the Prosafe client and MS RDP. Once in awhile I've do delete the remote vpn/ike policies in order for her to reconnect.


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