Linksys WAP54G and D-Link DWL-G810


I have a Linksys Accesspoint connected to my switch and then through my firewall to the internet. In the livingroom i have a D-link DWL-G810 Ethernet to Wireless converter, which should allow any ethernet based equipment to connect via wireless to the internet. Unfortunally i have not succeeded in making this work with WPA. Both products support WPA but when i connect a Laptop behind the DWL-G810 then there is absolutly no connection. I can see "good" packets beeing transfered on the wireless network, but nothing is beeing transmitted (DHCP, Internet browsing etc).

If i use WEP then there is no problem. DHCP gets assigned to the Laptop and I can use an internet browser etc.

Of coruse i would be interested in using WPA if thats possible, so Im definitly interested in you guys experience.

Usually it will not be my laptop behind the DWL-G810 but my xbox, so if any of you have experience with connecting your xbox or other ethernet based products, using WPA, please let me know =)

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