Powerline Adapters to extend range???

I had several people here reply previously that I should avoid a Range Extender because it will reduce (by half?) the speed of my internet access on all of my machines. LinkSys support agreed that internet speed would be reduced usng that. Now I am looking at PowerLine extenders to try to get a better signal in the dead spot in my house for my laptop.

I have a few questons, but first here is my current equipment: ________________________________________________________ WRT150-N Linksys Wireless router connected to DSL speed wireless broadband connection. This is connected via direct wired connection to my desktop.

Linksys WPC54GS Wireless-G Notebook Adapter with SpeedBooster insersted in a Dell Inspiron 5150. (poor and sometimes no connection in my livingroom... the one place my wife wants to use it!)

Linksys WUSB54G Wireless-G USB Adapter connected to another desktop not far from my wireless router (no connection problems on this one)

Here is what I am now considering to extend better signal to my livingroom on my laptop: _____________________________________________________ Linksys PLK200 PowerLine AV Ethernet Adapter Kit

Netgear WGXB102 54Mbps Wall-Plugged Wireless Range Extender Kit _________________________________________________________

1) Do these products have a detrimental effect on the speed of the internet connections as I was told the Range Extender might? I realize my laptop will not run at the same speed when linked with this as if it were plugged into my router, but will the other devices not directly connecting to this device remain unaffected by using this device?

2) Does one tend to work better than the other?

3) Does it matter if I stick to Linksys since my routher and adapter are Linksys?

Thanks for any informed ideas and experience you can share on this. JK

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Not much difference other than price (linksys shows as $199, netgear as $139, note that you are looking at the netgear wireless range extender/bridge device, rather than their seperate device that works the same way, but the second unit is an ap inside the box too, you just plug it in wherever you want an AP)..... (ie I have both, but it's hard to find the netgear ones anymore, probably more markup for the linksys models :)

Just an aside, and why I have two different kinds, one manufacturers device doesn't work with the other (they come in pairs).. I had the netgear, lightning hit the powerline and killed it, needed another one, and all they had locally was the linksys, so I got that and now have two differnt types....

I'd say worry more about what you can find locally/quickly... I went the cheap/mailorder way and a lightning hit made me look for another one quick while the dead one was being repaired.. Since you said it was for your wives PC, I'd go for ease of making it work again and keep SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed - didn't want to wait) happy :)

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