Possible to have D-Link Wireless USB Adapter (DWL-G122) Connect to WRT54G?

One of my computers which was wired to my Linksys WRT54G will need to be connected wirelessly now and my friend gave me a spare D-Link Wireless USB Adapter, DWL-G122 (vB1, firmware v2.02)

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, so I thought I'd try to hook it up with my WRT54G (v6, firmware v1.01.1)
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My WRT54G does function properly as a wireless router since my Xbox360 can connect to the internet without any problems and has two computers wired to it as well. The DWL-G122 installed on my computer with Windows XP Pro SP2 just fine after I downloaded the drivers and is recognized without any problems in the Device Manager. And the DWL-G122 does find the wireless network my WRT54G maintains when it searches for a connection point to connect to.

However, when I try to connect to the WRT54G after I enter the WPA keys, in the Wireless Network Connection window with XP, essentially doing the same things that I did with my Xbox360, and try to connect to it, it cannot. I'm using the same WPA Personal, TKIP settings and the key absolutely correct. Just can't seem to authenticate itself with the WRT54G for some reason.

Has anyone experienced something like this when trying to connect a non Linksys wireless adapter with a WRT54G and if so, were you able to resolve the problem at all? For the rest of you, can you think of some things I should check into and try out. I'll take any suggestions or tips at this point. Thanks for your time and courtesy.

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Take a look at this help area on dlink and see if it talks about your issue:

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Generally you have a better connectivity staying with the same brand. I tried using my new netgear router and for some reason the Wireless USB Adapter, DWL-G122 does not work well with other brands.

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