Anyone have D-Link DWL-7100AP Access Points?


Is anyone currently using a D-Link Tri-Mode/Dual Band (802.11a, 802.11g,

802.11b) DWL-7100AP Access Point?

For my router/AP, I have been using a D-Link DI-764 (802.l1a, 802.11b) for the last couple years and it's worked very well. I've been using 802.11a for LAN traffic and 802.11b for some "internet devices" such as bridges to game consoles. I've been very pleased with this setup. I'm using all D-Link hardware in order to take advantage of their proprietary "turbo modes" (i.e., 108 Mbs for 802.11a and 22 Mbs for 802.11b -- in theory, anyway. Of course actual throughput is much less, but still was a nice improvement over "vanilla 802.11a/b").

Anyway, I have been looking at various "media centers" and possibly "broadband phones" recently. Since all these new "devices" are primarily going towards 802.11g, I decided to get something that would put 802.11g into the loop. I also wanted to extend the range of my 802.11a to a "dead spot" that I've lately been using my laptop at. 802.11a is at 5 Ghz, so doesn't have the range of 802.11g/b. The "dead spot" in my house wasn't completetly "dead", but the rather weak 802.11a signal would sometimes cause connections to drift in and out. A little annoying when doing large file transfers! I do quite a bit of video work, requiring transfering enormous files around the LAN. I have a file server with 1.2 Terabytes (!) of HDD, which I use for storage -- but prefer to do actual work on a laptop. Transfering files upwards of around of 4Gb is routine and 802.11a has proved itself adequate, assuming I'm in range of a decent signal.

To extend my 802.11a coverage (and also bring 802.11g in), I recently picked up two DWL-7100AP's. These are the "seven thousand one hundred" models, not to be confused with the "seven hundred and ten" models also by D-Link. (Model numbers by D-Link can be very similiar.) The DWL-7100AP, in repeater mode (WDS), is not capable of repeating the DI-764 so my intent was to plug one DWL-7100AP directly into the DI-764 (acting as a second AP) and use other DWL-7100AP as an 802.11a repeater and also be able to something with it's 802.11g. The DWL-7100AP plugged directly into the DI-764 router/AP is working beautifully, as access points for both 802.11a and 802.11g/b. The second DWL-7100AP, works beautifully as a repeater (repeating the DWL-7100AP plugged into the router) for either 802.11a or 802.11g/b. However, when repeating either band, the other band seems to not be capable of anything other than a stand alone AP. (I.e., to get any use, ethernet would need to be plugged into the WAN port.) I'm currently using it's 802.11a band as a repeater, which is working great. The "dead area" now has a signal strength of 90 percent. Traffic is flowing beautifully from the DWL-7100AP "repeater", to the DWL-7100AP "Access Point", to the router, out to internet, to other computers on the LAN, etc. However, with 802.11a repeating, I can't seem to make any use out of 802.11g at all. As the location of this "repeater" is where I'm planning on putting a "media center", I would like to make use of it's 802.11g. The manual states that when the DWL-7100AP is in repeater modes (plural), that it becomes transparant on the network, as expected. It also states that you won't be able to access it's web configuration over the air when using repeater modes (plural), also as expected. The language in the manual is clearly implying that it can repeat both 802.11a and 802.11g. I can still get to it's web configuration over the air as it's currently only repeating 802.11a. When attempting to repeat both bands, it locks up and all traffic ceases -- also required a hard reset and pulling out an ethernet cable to re-configure (as expected). I've called D-Link technical several times and, while they try to helpful, I get different answers each time. Some say it can't repeat both (opposite of what manual implies), others say it can repeat both but can't figure out why it won't. Both have their newest firmware installed. The 802.11g in this location is also rather weak, so I really would like to repeat it for the MC. I've also tried using it's "client mode" for 802.11g (laptop plugged into WAN port), but that also doesn't work when 802.11a is in repeater mode.

Anyone using this AP (DWL-7100AP) and successfully been able to use both bands for modes other than AP? I..e, repeater/repeater, repeater/client, etc? The manual, and half of D-Link's technical support, says that it should work.


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When setting it as a repeater, did you set the first APs MAC address in the A and G configuration setups? They both must be set, not just one.

When you log into the AP you are setting as a repeater goto the Advance Tab and then to Mode and at the bottom of the page you must check both repeater options and place the first APs MAC in both boxes.

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Robert Jacobs

Update to my previous post: Using D-Link's "AP Manager" utility, I was able to get some functionality out of 802.11g while 802.11a is in "Repeater Mode". With this utility, I came across an option for "Internal Station Cross Connect 11a, 11g" -- which was previously disabled. (This option wasn't present within the web configuration.) After enabling it, an 802.11g Access Point is capable of sending traffic to the net by passing it through

802.11a. (I.e., your client connects to the 802.11g AP, which in turn passed traffic to/from the 802.11a "Repeater".) While it does "work", its still not exactly the functionality I was hoping for as it's "stealing bandwidth from 802.11a".

I'm confident that its not problem with general configuration -- i.e., each attempt to repeat both 11a/11g are done so by having the MAC addresses for the remote AP, encryption shouldn't be a problem, etc. In "Repeater Mode", WPA isn't possible (clearly stated on their web site), but WEP should work fine. I've attempted to repeat both 11a/11g both with clear text and with WEP. (Yes, with both remote AP and repeater correctly configured.)

Be wary if considering this AP (DWL-7100AP) as a solution to repeat 11a and

11g. Prior to purchase, I was assured by D-Link that it could repeat both 11a and 11g simultaneously with "no problems". After purchasing two of them, I found this not to be the case. Multiple phone calls to D-Link proved fruitless. Half of the "tech support" says that it can't repeat both bands, while the other half can't understand why it won't repeat both bands. Calls made to D-Link result in the first 20 minutes going through irrelevant general configuration procedures that always results in the same dead end.

I'm about 90 percent positive that this thing can't repeat 11a and 11g simultaneously, despite what the manual and D-Link's own tech support (half of them, anyway) claim. I'm going to give it a couple more tries as I haven't tried it yet with "Ethernet to WLAN" disabled. Don't know if this will make any difference, but thinking perhaps with this option enabled, its still trying to pass traffic from the WAN port while both bands are "Repeater Modes". Failing that, I'm going to give it a try with previous firmware versions flashed to both DWL-7100's.

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This is just an update to my previous message, should anyone in the future do a google/deja search for the same issues I was experiencing. I finally was able to get the DWL-7100AP to repeat both bands (802.11a, 802.11g) from another DWL-7100AP.

The problem was, in fact, with the latest firmware (v2.00). After re-flashing both units with the previous firmware (v1.03), the DWL-7100AP's are now operating as intended. It has no problems repeating both bands. Firmware v1.03 also cleared up a Forward Correction (CRC) problem that the

802.11g band was experiencing under firmware v2.00. I have contacted D-Link about the issues with the latest firmware (v2.00) for the DWL-7100AP.

(Just glad its all working now.)

Cheers :^)

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Scratch using v1.03 (or v1.02) also. They both have some radio issues with the G band and also lack "Client Mode".

I've rolled all the back to v1.01 and now everything truely is working (plus have "Client Mode")

Get previous firmwares from D-Link's ftp:

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