DLink DWL-g810 + Linksys WRT54G

Hi, Im trying to bridge a wired ethernet connection to wireless using a Dlink DWL-G810 connecting to a Linksys WRT54G Wireless AP/Router.

Problem is when it connects it works for a few seconds then comes on/off (mostly off) then kicks off other wifi clients - I have to physically reboot the router.

Has anyone else had this problem? Im running a non-standard firmware on the WRT54G but that wouldnt be the issue, would it?

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Michel Chamberland

Hey, I just figured out today how to fix this problem. What I did was i

went into the D-Link G810's configuration web page on your LAN (I think

the default is and underneath the wireless tab there is a

super g drop down menu. For me that tab was set to Disabled. Then I

changed the option to super g with static turbo. This seemed to fix

the problem with the connection problem.

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Did changing the Super-G settings really fix the problem?

I've tried to do what you say, and it makes the bridge stop causing the

AP from dropping connections, but it also makes the bridge unable to

talk to the AP at all.

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