I need to hack with Phlak

I have the latest stable version of phlak. I need to hack our companies Linksys routers/waps as they were installed with no encryption, just a hidden ssid, and sit outside our firewalls. Two people decided that wifi was necessary to installed at each of our locations in multi tenant building around the world. I can pick up our G signal out to the second row of cars in our parking lot at our office, however my insistance that these are inviting theft of service, driving/chalking, denial of service, ect, fall on deaf ears.

To cut to the chase, can someone point me in the direct of getting PHLAK with a Cisco Aironet 350 card to work with airsnort? I am a WAN/Security Engineer, work on Cisco gear, and don't really have much knowledge of linux and know enough to burn the cd from the iso. I have a dell c640 and tried to boot the Phlak cd with a netgear wg511t, and an aironet 350. But it tells me that there is no wireless installed. I tried to put both cards in my own HP ze4350us pavillion but it won't even boot. Is there some concise website that can help me get up and going? I need some proof that we are a serious wifi security issue. Only way I can do it is to demo that we are exposed by readily available warez.



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auditor linux.

IMO better packages for WiFI security (more choice, more specialised tools and better integrated) than PHLAK and works fine with my aironet

340 and linksys cards

regards dc

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