Headset Hack

I am addicted to my telephone headset, and I like using a corded phone for the sound quality and privacy. Caller ID is a must, and phones that have all these features (headsets, wired, and Caller ID) tend to be more expensive business models.

This is the hack I thought of to let me use a cheap Wal*Mart wired phone with a headset. Simply wire a connection between the coiled handset cord and my headset. There are 4 connectors on the coiled handset cord, one for talking, one for listening, and a ground each. My headset has a 1/8" male stereo jack at the end. The part furtherst from the tip would take both the ground wires, and then I just have to find which is the mike, and which is the earpiece.

Then I have to find out what the 4 wires in the coiled handset cord are and connect them correctly. Is there any reason this won't work? Any good ideas on how to best make the connection? Thanks.

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