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The electric strike (day lock) on the back door of my shop wasn't
working. I could hear it click, but it wasn't releasing. Not an
uncommon occurrence in the dusty southwest. In the past I have taken
them apart, cleaned them and carefully lubed them with a good dry lube.
I just didn't feel like it. I blasted the strike out with Hoppes Gun
Medic. The strike is working great. Now to see how long until the lube
in the Hoppes gums it up with dust and I have to clean it again.
I actually prefer Ballistol for the labeled purpose, but the local
stores only seem to stock the Hoppes in larger cans.
To be fair to the strike I don't think I have EVER cleaned it since
installing it around the end of 2014. Sorry. Can't tell you the brand.
I forgot, and if I wasn't going to take it apart for a necessary
cleaning I'm sure not going to open it up just to read the name.
For their intended purpose neither clean/lube product gums things up,
but I don't leave those items on the outside of a building all day every
day either.
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Bob La Londe
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Hi Bob,
I very rarely do any service work on electric strikes. When I do it is in the dry mode. I clean up or blow out and dust and dirt and never put any oil or lube on the unit. I always use the theory that when oiled or lubed over time dust and dirt will collect and eventually jam up the mechanism thus make it not work as it should.
If not then the unit has just worn out and can't work as designed or the electric coil has smoked.
Now maybe things are different in your "dry" environment.
And yes, before I do the above I check voltage, coil, wiring connections etc. Don't want to do dumb work if not needed. I do enough of that with other STUFF!!! ;-)
Have a good day.
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Ages ago in the family grocery store we had a US Post Office. We used Super Lube silicone lube in all the box locks.
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Bob La Londe
But those are mechanical key locks!! Different, yes??
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Dust and gunk are dust and gunk.
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Bob La Londe
To be fair it might have been better to blast out the strike with Brake Kleen, but the Gun Medic was right there, and the Brake Kleen was on the whole other side of the shop.
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Bob La Londe

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