Latitude D620 with Dell Wireless 1390 Minicard and Belkin Wireless G Router


I am having a Dell Latitude D620 laptop that has a Dell Wireless 1390 minicard. I am using a Belkin Wireless G router connected to a PPPoE broadband internet connection. I have setup the wireless network using this router. I am able to connect to this wireless network using the dell wireless connection utility. The laptop also gets an IP address and the WAN network works fine. But, there seems to be a problem with the internet access. The internet works intermittently. Sometimes while browsing, the pages load without a problem. But, soon they stop loading for a while. This cycle continues to occur throughout, eventhough the wi fi signal strength is continuously healthy. I tried my friends toshiba laptop and there is absolutely no problems for the same setup of the router. What could be the problem? Are any of my settings incorrect? Please help me out.

My router important settings are as follows:

Wireless: Wireles Mode= Mixed 11b+11g Wireless Channel= 11 Security: Client Type= WPA/WPA2 Authentication= PSK Internet: Connection Type= PPPoE MTU= 1400 DNS= Automatic from ISP

My Laptop Card (1390 minicard) settings are as follows:

Driver: Broadcom 10/12/2006 v4.100.15.5

802.11h+d= Loose 11h+d Afterburner= Enabled Antena Diversity= Auto AP Compatibilty Mode= Higher Performance Bluetooth Colabration= Disabled BSS Mode= Default Disable upon Wired Connect= Disabled Fragmentation Threshold= 2346 IBSS 54g protection mode= Auto IBSS Allowed= Enabled IBSS Mode= 802.11b/g Auto Logically Administered MAC address= Not present Manage Wireless Settings= Enabled Minimum Power Consumption= Disabled PLCP Header= Auto (Long/Short) Power Save Mode= Disabled Radio= Enabled Rate= Use best rate Roam tendency= moderate Roaming Decesion= Default RTS Threshold= 2347 SSID Autopromote= Disabled WLAN Priority support= Disabled WMM= Auto WZC IBSS Channel Number= 11 WZC Managed Ethernet= Disabled Xpress Technology= Disabled

Hope this information helps.

Regards Aditya

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