help me with this please! (noob)

Hy guys well im a noob at wireless stuff but i think this is possible... i have a router gigaset SE555 and it has a mode in WDS repeater so i can turn it into a reperater! so i want to connect to another router that is in another house i get like 7%signal but i dont know how to set it to be like a wireless stick! so i use my router to wireless conect to the other that has internet! the other one is Dlink dont know model but security is off! can some 1 help mepls?

easy explanation:

My pc---lan conected to gigaset Gigaset wireless conect to Dlink internet

Thank you :)

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On Sun, 13 Jan 2008 08:23:45 -0500, sale 666 wrote in :

You need a wireless *client* -- a repeater won't do what you want. See wikis below for more information.

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