Help please with wireless security


Although I have setup my router (Linksys WAG 354G) ages ago - all is working fine. My 360, Wii and PPC connects via wireless and my XP machine is wired to it.

I recently dug out my Windows ME PC, and bought a tp-link TL-WN321G (USB Wireless adaptor)

I have setup my router so that the SSID is disabled, the MAC address filter is on and the security is WPA-TKIP.

I reversed all of those settings and sure enough the tp-link found the router, connected and allowed me to use the internet.

I then enabled the security, and this is where my problems began.

When using the tp-link's application to configure the connection, the only options are have are "Open, Shared OR LEAP." I choose shared, then the only other option is "Disabled or WEP".

I am expecting to see WPA, however its not listed. In addition the box for the Preshared Key is greyed out and will not activate.

I know the tp-link supports WPA, so am not sure if its a Windows ME problem, or me missing the obvious.

Its my first post to please dont flame me for not searching. I did search but couldnt find any posts similar to this issue.

Thanks in advance.


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Try TP-LINK's website to see if they have an updated driver for that NIC.

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Bob Willard

I think Windows ME may be the issue. I know that to support WPA in Windows XP you needed at least SP1 and a special supplicant. Google threw up this:

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Which seems to suggest you might be on to a loser.

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