Help with Wireless/wired problem.

I've a Belkin Pre-N.It works well but it can't reach the basement.I've a PS3 in the basement and I'm using wireless.The problem is the signal is very weak and the PS3's wireless system isn't really the best.I've the Linksys travel router.When I used it to take the signal of the Belkin Pre-N and convert it to a wire signal the PS3's internet worked well.

Problem is.The Linksys travel router can't convert from wireless to wire unless the network it's taking the wireless from is not using any password...

I think what made the linksys worked well with the PS3 is the fact it creates a new network from the wireless signal so when I wired the connection to the PS3.It had a very good signal.

Another problem with the linksys is the fact it's not made to be turned on 24/7.Is there any good devices that can work well in this situation?

Can I use a repeater in the basement and put a router then plug a wire from the router into the PS3 to make it wired?

If so which type of a router would work well with the Belkin Pre-N?

I've tried searching the internet but I couldn't find any good repeaters.And also a note.I don't have a wired connection in the basement.Can a repeater work without a wired connection? Can it repeat a signal of a wireless network into a wired connection that I'd then plug into the PS3?

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Strategiest hath wroth:

Wrong. Reading between the lines, you're trying to make WEP encryption work. Is that correct?

You can make WEP work if you use the Hex key instead of the ASCII key. There are bugs in the conversion from ASCII to Hex and you just hit one router that has the problem. Use Hex and it should work.

However, you should be using WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK. The Belkin, PS3 and the Linksys travel router all should support WPA encryption. WEP is horribly insecure and should not be used.

If you have any furthur questions, please first disclose the model numbers of your various wireless devices.

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Jeff Liebermann

Sounds very difficult, can't you make a new setup ? you're making it very hard for yourself....

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