Extending my wireless range

Hi guys...

I managed to kill one of my PCs yesterday (i'm going to say it died in the whilst moving house)... but now I need to get my wireless connection extended better throughout the house.

We have a Netgear WGR614 cablemodem/wireless router that was given to us by Optus - which transmits the signal perfectly throughout the downstairs part of our house (where the modem sits). However upstairs in our bedrooms the signal is a bit shaky.

I am using the supplied netgear WG111v2 USB wireless adaptors that optus supplied us - and currently have a lanyard cable bringing this USB to the other side of the room - only to get a shaky connection.

I'm wondering how to best go about extending the range of this network? I have a Netgear WGR614v4 wireless router sitting around in a cupboard - can I use this to extend the range of the network? I.e can I use it as a repeater or range expander? (hmm turns out it doesnt have a repeater mode... no way to do it anyhow?)

If not - is it best to then buy a range expander or just a bigger antennae for the modem downstairs?

Thanks for any help, Vinay

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yes - link the LAN ports via Cat 5 (a crossover cable) and then you have a

2nd router acting as an AP - just dont plug anything into the WAN port on the 2nd one.

I.e can I use it as a

try powerline networking to get the signal upstairs if you cannot run a cable.

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get the ones that suit your mains power sockets......

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