Edimax EW-7206APg Station Infrastructure Mode Setup

Just to share my experience setting up an Edimax EW-7206APg Access Point to support Station Mode - where you can plug a regular wired ethernet cabled device into the Edimax and use it to join a wireless LAN via a wireless router.

Plug in and attach ethernet cable to the Edimax. Log into the Edimax. If in factory mode, this may require you to manually set your IP address on the connecting device to the default subnet e.g. (as the Edimax has a default address of and ID/password admin/1234).

Now change the IP address and subnet of the Edimax (if required) to match the subnet of the wireless router to which you wish to attach (I was using a Netgear, which has an IP address of - so changed the Edimax to

Now change the IP address of the connecting device to the same subnet as the wireless router and the now reconfigured Edimax.

Now log into the rebooted Edimax from the connecting device.

Change: Mode: to 'Station Infrastructure' Clone the MAC. 'Apply' then change 'Security Settings' to match the wireless router. Select 'Site Survey' Then select the appropriate wireless router and select 'connect'.

Note that the Edimax now becomes transparent to the connecting device - it is now only providing wireless adapter function. You should now be able to connect to your wireless router and via this to the internet.

Good luck Paul R

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Paul R
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