Edimax WAP Oveheating?? ( EW-7203APg)

Hi all, I've had an Edimax Wireless Access Point (WAP) for 2 weeks now, its here

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Well, I would say its really good, thats true when its working! however, after a few hours of use (1 to 3), it just stops working

the computers connected just say.. Connected at 24mbs (it allways seems to connect at 24, then raise to 54), then disconnected (after about 1 seccond) then a further 2 seconds go by, and it disconnects.... and so on.

What makes me say overheating is that even the RESET BUTTON dosnt work. only taking the power cable out and putting it back in, then instantly, it works...so

soooo, the fact it works instantly maybe suggests its not overheating, do you think?

so maybe its something else.

One thing i noticed on the link above, is that it says it has 32MB of memory, well, I didnt know it needed memory, but maybe it works the same as a router, so needs it, but surly it cant be running out? there are only 2 computers using it!!!

well, there my thoughts, has anybody else got this WAP?

PS this is my second one, I took the first back because of this same problem.


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