Edimax EW-7128g Aquiring network address

I recently installed an Ralink Edimax EW-7128g (802.11g) PCI card in the office comp. Had xp home on there n it connect fine, no issues. Day before yesterday I installed xp pro and after getting all the drivers for the comp installed the Ralink Edimax drivers. Use the company software (not Zero Config) and it found the network fine (comming from a netgear router provided by sky incidently) I put in the 8 didget code so it can connect and it gets on with it with

Aquiring network address

This however is where it stays, constantly dropping in n out of Aquiring network address in the companies software. In the view wireless networks in windows it just stay constantly on Aquiring network address.

I have tried several reinstalls as well as using zero config but get the same thing. Is there something different in pro as opposed to home in this regard ?


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  • It doesn't sound like it is "getting on with it". Put back on the Wireless Zero Config, disable the company software from managing wireless connections. Delete the network from the Preferred Networks List off the tab in View All Available Wireless Networks. Make sure you know what kind of security you are using. Make sure that you have Service Pack 2 and your updates. Re-connect and re-enter the correct wireless code. (I assume this works with another computer this code?) Try changing your code. If this is WEP try going with a pure Hex Key.

There shouldn't be any difference in this between XP Home and XP Pro.

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