Edimax EW-7128g needs reboot to activate?


Windows XP PRO SP2 fully patched. Older P III machine.

When this machine is booted the wireless network card is always in error code 10, and the system tray item greyed out, and the hover says "Not installed". And, of course, no network.

If I reboot from the shutdown menu, then when it comes back up, all is well.

This happens EVERY TIME. I do not do anything else but re-boot.

Any ideas please. Is this a race condition between widows network load and driver load? If so , how to fix? Or, is the card simply not detected on the PCI bus on initial power up. And again, how to fix?

To put it plainly, this is a PITA - but solvable by a reboot EVERY time.

Wierd or what?

Machine has no other PCI card, minumum s/w, ie a card game, ms office and paint shop pro. HP USB printer and Packard Bell USB scanner. Nothing else.

Any ideas?



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