Edimax EW-7128g 802.11g card recommendation

Just thought I should share my satisfaction with using the Edimax EW-7128g card for a wireless network I have built and support. These cards are built using RALINK RT2500 chip technology and drivers, with a cable connected external aerial.

I have 8 PCs with a variety of configurations and operating systems, W98SE, W2K, WXPHome, Celeron 400 to Pentium 4.

The hub is a NetGear DG834G. The environment is a large, three story Edwardian House, with the hub on the ground floor.

All the cards installed very easilly with no issues and I get complete coverage of the house, although the most extreme PCs operate closer to

11Mbps (including one on the third floor, through a number of walls).

Given the price (see pcnextday.co.uk ) I can't see why one would use anything else.

Paul R

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Paul R
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