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Trying to set up my brother in laws home network with Dell xp desktops. They connect with DSL modem and are using a Linksys wireless router. One desktop is wired to the router and has internet access. The desktop in the family room is using a Belkin wireless usb network adapter. It is set up with a WEP key and I was able to actually connect to the network, but something is wrong because the web browser is not working. When we set our wireless network up at my house, using a cable modem, it was extremely simple, didnt really have to do anything. I did notice on the wired machine, that when you open up a browser, the DSL login page pops up and logs in automatically. Could the problem be the desktop is not doing that therefore no internet? I am a novice at best with this stuff...any help would be greatly appreciated!!


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"Jayrod" hath wroth:

If you/they are using WEP encryption, please use the Hex key and not the ASCII key. There are incompatibilities between the various ways different manufacturers have chose to impliment ASCII to Hex conversions. Windoze aggrivates the problem by not supplying sufficient connection progress debug info for the average user to determine that it's an encryption key failure.

If you need additional help, please interrogate the brother in law and ask him to supply the manufactory and model number of his hardware. Also, what operating system is he running on the various desktops.

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