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I have two dell laptops and one desktop. Desktop is connected to router through cable from the router. Both laptops were set up to use the wireless network. I have Netgear MR814 router. Both were working ok. But now, one laptop does not connect to the wireless. It detects the network with good signal strength but when I click connect it pops up the message "Windows unable to detect the selected network. Network may be out of range". This laptop had a virus, so the data got backed up and the XP operating system got reinstalled by a computer service person. After that it stopped connecting to wireless. It works when I connect it through the cable. Also any other laptop gets connected.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


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nettester hath wroth:

Do they have model numbers?

Are you using WEP encryption? If so, use the Hex encryption key, not the ASCII. If possible, switch to WPA encryption which is both more secure and doesn't have the ASCII to Hex conversion bug.

Viruses and spyware usually damage the XP Winsock configuration. See:

Also see the various fixes for LSP corruption.

If your ace service person didn't bother to update XP to the latest mess of Windoze and MS updates, and you connected to the internet with an unpatched system, it's highly likely you are again infected with a virus, worm, or spyware.

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Jeff Liebermann

What about making sure you have the latest device drivers.


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