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I have verizon dsl (westell 2200 modem) I bought a linksys wireless g router. tried to set up network have pc wired and 2 wireless laptops. I can access my chat but not internet. I have modem set as bridge as required and router is pppoe. HELP any ideas??

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Here is the procedure I use. To set up Westell 2200 modem and Linksys G router WRT54G-V2:

  1. Connect modem to computer without router.
  2. Reset modem (press reset button for 30 sec.), and wait for stable lights.
  3. Boot-up computer.
  4. Go through account setup using Verizon CD.
  5. Verify Internet access.
  6. Connect to modem, and change to bridge mode: a. config/VC/PPPoE/edit/PPPoE_Protocol=Bridge (vice PPPoE) b. config/DHCP/off (vice Private_Lan)
  7. Turn off computer.
  8. Connect computer to router and modem.
  9. Reset router (press reset button for 30 sec.), and wait for stable lights.
  10. Power-cycle router and modem.
  11. Boot-up computer.
  12. Connect to router, switch to PPPoE, and enter Verizon username/PW; host=blank; domain=blank; then wireless/SSID=xxxxxxx
  13. Verify status as connected.

It is also a good idea to update the router firmware.

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