Connecting 2 Office Computers To A Wireless Network Please Help!

Okay, thanks to everyone in advance for their help.

I have had a Linksys wireless cable gateway set up in my room for about a year. It connects to broadband cable internet and it has the Cable modem built in with a four port switch on the back and a wireless access point built in. It has worked fine for me to hook up my 1 desktop wired, 2 gaming systems wired, and my laptop roming all aorund the house wirelessly. However, my father has just come to me demanding that I share the internet connection (which I pay for) with him in his office (a personal desktop and a company laptop) downstairs. I dont really mind, but this does pose a problem. Im on the third floor and hes on the 1st, so wired is not an option. At first I tried using a pair of usb wireless interfaces. It works with the personal desktop, but not his company laptop because it wont let me install the drivers for the device. So, I must now move on to ethernet (and therefore driver free:) interfaces. My thought is to hook up the 2 office computers to a 5 port switch, connect that to a Linksys Wireless Bridge and that will connect to my already exsisting wireless network. My question is if the DHCP server function of my cable gateway will pass over the wireless bridge to assign IP address to the computers on the "new" wired netowrk of my dad's office with a switch and 2 computers. Any input is greatly appreciated. Below are the products im considering using:

I have the Linksys WCG200 Wireless Cable Gateway Planning On Using the Linksys SD205 5 Port 10/100 Switch Planning On Using The Linksys WET54G Wireless G Bridge


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