Problems with US Robotics 5461 wireless print server - "cant create print job"

  1. Installed Dell 725 print drivers on laptop
  2. Hardwired printer to laptop; printer works fine
  3. Set up US Robotic 5461 router/print server
  4. Able to surf web via router
  5. plugged printer into usb port of router
  6. "printer active" led on router lights up
  7. installed a second Dell725 printer as a network printer, per USR instructions (as Suceeded

to completion

  1. Tried to do a test page from windows printer properies. Got an error

message "Failed to print test page...Cannot create print job".

9.Tried to do a print from Notepad; no error messages (nothing queued up in the laptop print queue)
  1. Reconnected the printer hardwire to the laptop; still worked

Any thoughts? I surfed Microsoft for the error message, and it made references to needing the password for the printer. I tried the "configure ports" on laptop (allowed me to enter username/password). I used the username password for the management screen of the router. Tried the other 2 options (anonymous and user's login credentials); no change

Any thoughts?

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Try connecting the printer as a local printer, printing to a local TCP/IP port. This is usually the most trouble-free way to connect to a consumer grade print server.

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