D-link Airplus Utiliy in Windows 2000 with PEAP/WPA/TKIP


Has anybody had experience using the D-Link Airplus Utility on a Windows

2000 machine to connect to a WPA/TKIP/PEAP network? I have a DWL-G122 which works fine in Windows XP using the Wireless Zero Configuration Service but as Windows 2000 does not include this, I need to use the D-Link software. It looks as is if the software tries to connect but never succeeds although it did appear to work once just after I installed the drivers and disconnected straight away. Can anyone advise what might be the problem?


Ben Thompson

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B Thompson
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Is your 802.1x service set to "Automatic" and started in win 2000.

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I am not using the win2000 802.1x service, I am using the D-Link Airplus Ultility.

I think I may have found out a little bit more though :- We are using usernames and realms in the format username@realm and this is what seems to confuse the D-Link client. I set up a test RADIUS server which did not use realms and I got it to work OK. When I do use realms, my RADIUS server complains that the mschapv2 response is incorrect. Could it be that the D-Link 802.1x supplicant does not handle usernames with an @ symbol?


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B Thompson

I have probably misread the doc but I was under the impression that the

802.1x service needed to be started even though you are using a 3rd party utility.

see Differences in the Windows 2000 802.1x Client

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am told this doc applies to SP4 as well.

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