Problem using WZC with a d-link USB wifi adapter.

Hello !

Is there a way to use the d-link DWL-G122 rev C1 adapter *without* using the D-Link user interface ? (ie : using only windows WZC ?)

I was successful two weeks ago in doing this with a DWL-G132 rev A, grabbing the new drivers on d-link site and configuring WZC to access my DI-624 using WPA2-PSK AES - even when SSID broadcast was turned off without resorting to any d-link provided software.

Attempting the same with the DWL-G122 rev C (3.10 driver) on a newly installed XP-Pro system (with kb917021 installed) fails.. It won't find non broadcast SSIDs, won't reconnect automatically on reboot and will even fail to connect to my neighbourg's unprotected AP.

Running the setup which come with the driver installs the D-Link Air Plus Utility as well as ANIO and ANIWZCS2 services, and make it work correctly.

The DWL-G132 had the same 3 elements installed. I just uninstalled them, installed KB917021, inserted the USB adapter, pointed to the driver's location and everything work fine since then..

While I understand the adapters chipsets and drivers are not the same, I'm wondering why it works flawlessy in one case but not at all in the other one.

Any idea / suggestion ?

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Michel S.
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