Connect a DSL wireless router to a Cable Modem

Hello all,

My laptop gets Internet from a Cable modem using its Ethernet jack.

I just received an Aztech DSL 600EW Wireless-G router, which I would like to use for wireless communication. The problem is that this Aztech router does not have a WAN port - it has an input DSL port and 4 ethernet output ports.

Connecting the ethernet output port of the cable modem to one of the ethernet (output) ports of the Aztech causes the Aztech to provide Internet through its other Ethernet ports, but although I can connect to the Aztech wirelessly (to setup it for example), there is no wireless Internet.

I saw some posts about interconnecting routers, which advised to disable the DHCP in router#2 and change its IP address to an adress in the same subnet mask like router #1. Yet when I tried to change the "management IP address" of Aztech from to (the default gateway address of my LAN which is connected to the cable modem is, Aztech simply ignored my request and kept its old address. Disabling DHCP did not help.

Any ideas how I could manage this connection?

Thank you, Arie

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arie.livshin hath wroth:

It won't work no matter what you do. You need a router and there's no way to get to the WAN port on the DSL router. You can use it as an access point (no router), but you will still need to obtain an ethernet router, which means you'll have 3 boxes. It's probably easier and cheaper to just buy a real wireless router and sell the Aztech.

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