Can I connect two routers to one DSl Modem?

I have a question concerning hooking up my Slingbox on my home network. My wife's employer has supplied our wireless router so I can not get past the firewall to set up the correct configurations for port forwarding. Is it possible to connect a seperate router on the same internet connection that I could then enable remote television viewing with the Slingbox? It is important that the original connection maintains its firewall. Any thoughts or suggestions? If I can't come up with something I will have to take the Slingbox back. For those of you that don't know what a Slingbox is, it allows remote viewing of your television on either your own network or remotely via the internet. Thanks!

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Sure you can. First, get a wired router and have it set up as the DHCP server. You take your Ethernet from the DSL modem and put it in to the WAN port. You will need to disable the DHCP server on the supplied wireless unit, or hook a Ethernet wire into it's WAN port. Then you can install a second WAP off of the wired router and make sure it is not configured as a DHCP server and give it an IP address on the same subnet as you configured your DHCP server, but out of the DHCP address range. You could also simply put in a Wireless router with internal switch and hook it in place of the wired router. Then you can configure the wired or wireless router to do what you want done. You also have to configure the DSL modem to do what you want.

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Richard Johnson

What if the reason that his wife has been given a company router is that it has been set up to provide a VPN connection to the company network? People never seem to give full details.

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Does the existing wap/router have multiple ethernet jacks? (NOT the wan, but there are sometimes 4 regulars and 1 wan) if so, just plug into one of the regular ethernet ports, the internet stuff will pass thru and you will essentially have two wireless networks, (two ssid's one for her wap/router, and one for you) works for regular wap's, (my sister has her own wireless network and so do I).. I use it with my tivo's for remote viewing, should work for the slingbox too, and they can both browse the internet off the one internet connection.

Only tricky part was the starting ip address, For the second one had to cable it direct (use port 1), and change the starting ip address so it didn't conflict with the other units strating address (IE i made the second unit's starting address, guessing that the other one was the default of, and I didn't want them to conflict or overwrite each other)

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