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I currently have internet access via cable. If I buy a wireless router, will it work when I move to DSL internet provider?

Is the router cable or dsl specific or is that irrelevant?


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Yes, you will be able to keep the same router. You might need to change the setting to comply with a new ISP.

I've recently moved in the opposite way: from DSL to cable.

HTH, Eugene

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Eugene F.


Sorta/maybe. In general, you're safe buying almost any router and it should work on either cable or DSL.

What you want is an ethernet wireless router. That means the WAN (wide area network) port is an ethernet connection. That will go to either your cable modem ethernet port, or your DSL ethernet port. Avoid a cable or DSL modem that has *ONLY* a USB port. That will not work. Some cable and DSL modems have both USB and ethernet. Those are fine. Obviously, don't buy a wireless router with a built in DSL or cable modem.

In all cases, the ethernet wireless router will take care of logging into your DSL provider's system, probably using PPPoE. No need for any special software on your computers. If no login is necessary, then the router will use DHCP, or other means.

The only problem I can think of is if you have a provider that uses PPPoA (i.e. Quest) instead of PPPoE, which requires a specific modem with PPPoA support. In general, these are combined with routers, making the choice of hardware rather awkward. If you're stuck with one of these, your ethernet wireless router can still be used as a wireless access point (i.e. no router section). We can supply instructions for configuring it this way if necessary.

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