Netgear DG834G (v3) wireless router- wirewall rules - port forwarding

I have a Netgear DG834G (v3) wireless router. I also host a website from my home computer. I had a problem when I first got this router that was blocking requests from outside from seeing the website. I overcame that problem by adding a firewall rule and everything has been working fine for months.

Then last night I had my computer hang several times on a file called agp440.sys. After many attempts I finally got that problem resolved. Everything works, even my internet access. However I cannot see my website when I use the normal URL. I've checked the firewall rules and they are all still there and appear to be in effect.

So whats causing this problem?

Any thoughts appreciated, PW

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In the meantime I have resolved the problem. If someone else has a similar problem, read this ...

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I'm still not exactly sure what the problem was, but what I did was delete the existing firewall rule (which I created months ago) that allows HTTP requests, and tried to re-create the same rule. But it wouldn't let me because it said a rule for opening port 80 already existed !! So I found the other existing rule and enabled that, and it worked.

Why my existing rule was allowed to be created (months ago mind you) when a port 80 rule already existed ... I don't understand.

Anyway, it works now, so I'm happy (but still confused).

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