Computers on wireless network keep losing connection

I have a Belkin Wireless wireless router and modem. I also have two computers connected to that network. Occasinally if both computers are connected then one of the computers will start continually disconnecting and reconnecting preventing any use of the wireless connection. The other computer on the netwrok is fine. I am at a loss in figuring why this happens.

  • Both computers are allocated an IP dynamically
  • Both are running fully patched XP
  • The Router is setup as:

Runtime Code Version V.A.1.08.03UK (Jul 8 2004 15:41:37) Boot Code Version V1.4 Hardware Version 01 ADSL Modem Code Version 13.9.38

  • I am using as a service provider
  • I am connected with WPA-PSK encryption
  • I have switched off an firewall software both Windows and Zone Alarm
  • Lease time on the domain is set on the router to be forever
  • Connection should be automatic

After a while the router seems to become disconnected from - I'd like to sort this if possible also!


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Wireless Zero Configuration...

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Also found this thread which helps a bit further!

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Worth a look if anyone else has had any problems. I have tried a few things and am waiting to see what effect they have. Wouldn't recommend the firmware change though away from Belkin. Probbaly lose any tech support with them!

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Upgraded or changed to a Netgear. Things seem alot better with the Netgear although it has just dropped all the connections in the same way as the belkin! Routers are rubbish and can't be well tested!

Anyway the DG834 Netgear seems better as it allowed my Xbox 360 to connect! I had struggled for two days with the Belkin and then tried the Netgear and in two shakes it was up and running.

Looking through all the topics, i wonder if anyone actually has a decent wireless setup!

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The better ones are actually pretty good, especially considering the bargain pricing. If you need more than that, more expensive routers are readily available.

All of mine work great.

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